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A lifelong photography hobbyist, everything changed for Jerry in 2020 when a coworker expressed interest in purchasing one of his prints. After an intense negotiation, they agreed upon the price of $1. Although no money actually changed hands the next step was clear and Jerry’s life was forever changed.

Realizing a new profession was calling Jerry left his 30-year career as a surgeon later that year to focus on photography. This risky decision paid off in early 2021 when once again, Jerry agreed to sell a print for $1, doubling his sales in less than 1 year. Unfortunately, he was paid with four quarters, two of which slipped out of his pocket into the seat of his car and have yet to be retrieved.

Shortly after creating this very website, sales doubled yet again when he sold a print on glass for $2. When he found out it would cost $40 to print the image on glass, Jerry realized that the business model was failing and has decided to return to his status as a hobbyist and focus on the joys of nature and photography.

By sharing some of his work here, he hopes to share some of that joy and inspire others to get outside and enjoy and preserve the wonders of nature.
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